Visa Requirements for Philippine Passport Holders – Zambia (Republic of Zambia)

Filipinos who wish to travel to Zambia can obtain tourist visas upon arrival at Zambian ports of entry, provided that they follow the required procedure for obtaining visas on arrival. This type of visa is valid for 90 days within a period of 12 months.

Alternately, Filipinos can apply for visas at any Zambian missions abroad.

Procedure for Visa on Arrival:

  1. Applicant should make copies of the relevant pages of their Philippine passport. Filipinos should ensure that their passports are valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended departure date from Zambia.
  2. Complete and sign a visa application form.
  3. Include a cover letter stating reasons for traveling to Zambia and itinerary.
  4. Include an invitation letter from host in Zambia.
  5. Submit the application at least 1 month before the date of travel to Zambia.
  6. Send all of the above documents
    1. By mail:

The Chief Immigration Officer
P. O. Box 50300
Lusaka, Zambia

    1. Fax to: 260-1-251725 / 260-1-252008 / 260-1-254393
    2. Email to: /
  1. Pay the fees upon arriving at a Zambian port of entry.

Filipino travelers who opt to lodge their applications through a Zambian mission abroad will need to submit the following:

General Requirements:

  1. 2 fully accomplished and duly signed visa application forms, submitted with the following:
    1. 2 recent passport size (2” x 2”) photographs (both photographs should be signed at the back and stapled one photograph to each visa application form)
    2. Photocopy of passport page containing personal details
  2. For business visa:
    1. Official cover letter specifying in brief detail the nature of their intended transactions in Zambia, and/or
    2. Copy of work permit from their sponsor or prospective employers
    3. Tickets for return or onward travel or confirmed ticket booking or itinerary

Note: Business Visitors are entitled to Thirty (30) days visit in any given period of twelve (12) months.

  1. For tourist visa:
    1. Flight and tour itinerary from the Tour Operator/travel agent
  2. For visitor visa:
    1. Letter of invitation from host/s in Zambia

Please note:

  • These are general guidelines and different procedures exist for certain individuals and may vary from one Zambian mission to another.
  • Applicants should submit the application package with the relevant visa fees to the nearest Zambian Foreign Mission. Please click here for a list of Zambian Foreign Missions abroad. Filipinos can apply for visas at Zambian Missions in UK, India, South Africa, China, Congo DR, Malawi, USA-Washington and Tanzania.

Visa Processing Fees:

Filipinos should consult with the Zambian Mission where they will lodge their applications to confirm the accepted method of payment of the visa fees.

  • Single entry (valid for 3 months): US$50.00
  • Double/multiple entry (valid for 3 months): US$80.00
  • Day tripper visa (valid for 1 day): US$20.00

Important Notice:

Zambian Immigration strongly recommends anti-malaria dosage two weeks prior to departure. Yellow Fever vaccination is not required unless entering Zambia from a Yellow Fever infected country.

Travelers should bear in mind that the validity of the visa is not the period in which they are authorized to stay in the country, but a period within which they have to enter Zambia. The length of stay in Zambia is determined by Immigration Officers at the ports of entry.

The visa information for Zambia provided here is subject to change at any time. Filipinos are advised to obtain the most current information for visa, entry and exit requirements for Zambia well in advance of planned travel.

The Republic of Zambia – Ministry of Home Affairs
Department of Immigration
Kent Building
Haile Selassie Avenue
P.O. Box 50300
Telephone: +260 211 25 2622 / +260 968 965399 (Cellular Phone)
Fax: +260 21 1254384 / 21  1252008
Email: /

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