Visa Requirements for South Africa Passport Holders – Algeria (People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria)

South African citizens are required to secure a visa prior to traveling to the ­ People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria.

For the latest information on visa requirements, including visa fees, contact:

Embassy of Algeria
950 Arcadia Street
Hatfield 0083
Telephone: 012 342 5074/75; 012 342 6345

Fax: 012 342 6479; 012 342 5078 ; 012 342 6343

Telex: 320078 EMBAL SA

General Requirements:

  • Two (2) fully-completed and signed copies of the application form
  • Two recent passport sized photos
  • A passport valid for at least six months
  • Travel Insurance
  • Payment of visa fees

General Requirements – Tourist Visa:

  • A return ticket when traveling by air or sea,
  • Any of the following:
  • “certificat d’hebergement”signed by your host in Algeria and authenticated by the local authorities in your host’s home town, Please note that your host must be a resident of Algeria.
  • Or a confirmation of a hotel booking.
  • Or an invitation from an algerian travel agency.

Provide itinerary details including approximate dates and location to be visited.

General Requirements – Business Visa:

  • Invitation or sponsorship letter from a company in Algeria,
  • A recommendation letter of the company of employment.

General Requirements – Employment Visa:

A “work permit” or a “provisional work Permit” delivered by the services in charge of employment in Algeria. And a letter in which the employers certifies to undertake full financial responsibilities for repatriation of their foreign workers upon completion of their work contract.

Important Notice: The information provided here are subject to change without prior notice. For confirmation on visa requirements and fees, you may consult with the Embassy or Consulate for Algeria you.

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