Visa Requirements for UK Passport Holders – Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran)

UK passport holders must obtain a visa before traveling to the Islamic Republic of Iran. They will only be allowed to enter and stay in Iran if they are in possession of a visa. Visas can only be issued at the Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran to individuals who are traveling on short business trips provided that their Iranian counterparts have applied for a visa for them at the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. UK passport holders are also subject to fingerprint sampling when applying for visas at the Iranian Embassy and Consulate in London.

Travel to Kish Island is possible for UK citizens without the need for an Iranian visa. They can only stay there for 14 days and cannot go to the Iranian mainland without a visa. Travelers from the UK must also strictly follow the permitted visa period and not overstay in the country. If they are caught overstaying, they will be detained, asked to pay a daily £20.00 fine and will be eventually deported.

Visa application requirements

  1. Fully accomplished visa application form
  2. UK passport (valid for at least 6 months)
  3. Recent passport sized photographs (2 copies, white background, no hat or glasses, headscarf required for women and girls above 9 years of age)
  4. Prepaid self-addressed envelope for applications wanted to be returned by post
  5. For business visa:
    1. Copy of invitation letter from Iranian host/sponsor company
    2. Letter of Support from company or organization in the UK
  6. For entry visa:
    1. Copy of letter from Iranian host/sponsor (company, organization, institution etc.) – to sent by fax to Iranian Consulate in London
    2. Employment letter or contract from Iranian company
    3. Iranian work permit (applied for by company in Iran)
  7. For transit visa (7 days):
    1. Valid visa for country of destination
    2. Travel tickets and/or itinerary to other destination country
  8. For student visa:
    1. Letter of admission to Iranian educational institution
    2. Letter of visa request approved by Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  9. For Press visa:
    1. Please call the Media and Public Relations Office of the Iranian Embassy in London
  10. For diplomatic/political service visa:
    1. Official Letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UK
  11. Visa application fees:
    1. Business visa – £157.00
    2. Entry visa – Single entry – £104.00, Single entry (w/ work permit) – £391.00, Two entries – £139.00, Multiple entry (3 months) – £218.00, Multiple entry (6 months) – £348.00, Multiple entry (1 year) – £609.00
    3. Transit visa – £61.00
    4. Student visa – £131.00
    5. Press visa – £174.00
    6. Tourist visa – £87.00
    7. Pilgrimage visa – £61.00

Important reminders

  • Interested individuals may apply for a visa personally or send their application by post to:

    Consular Office

    Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in London
    50 Kensington Court
    W8 5DB
    United Kingdom
    Telephone: (020) 7937-5225
    Fax: (020) 7938-1615

  • Release of approved visas and passports are at 12:30PM to 4:00PM.
  • Visa fees can be paid by money order (payable to Embassy of the Islamic republic of Iran), Credit Card (Debit, Master, Sweet, Visa) and by deposit to Embassy of IR Iran’s HSBC account
  • According to the Iranian Embassy in London’s website, visa processing normally takes only 10 days. Applications should be done well ahead of any planned travel to Iran since visa processing times are not the same for all applications. Travelers are advised not to make any travel arrangements prior to getting an approved visa.
  • Interested applicants whose passports contain Israeli immigration stamp may not be allowed to enter Iran.
  • Interviews may be required if needed.
  • For further information regarding travelling to Iran, interested parties may get in touch with the Embassy of IR Iran in London

    Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

    16 Prince’s Gate
    SW7 1PT
    United Kingdom
    Telephone: (020) 7225-3000
    Fax: (020) 7589-4440

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