Visa Requirements for UK Passport Holders – Italy (Italian Republic)

UK passport holders are not required to have visas when traveling to Italy provided that their passports will still be valid on the time they leave Italy. This is the result of long standing bi-lateral, cultural, economic and social relationships and political agreements of the United Kingdom and Italy. Italy also does not require visas for citizens of fellow EU member countries.

According to statistics, there are almost 4 million UK citizens who go to Italy annually. They primarily travel to Italy as tourists, while others go there on business or to study. Majority of UK citizens who went to Italy did not experience any issues about being allowed entry to the country. Although the British Embassy in Italy has provided assistance to a number of UK nationals for a variety of reasons.

The British government has issued security warnings to their nationals who are travelling to Italy to be careful and vigilant about possible terrorist activities because of the recent parcel bomb attacks on the Embassies of Chile and Switzerland. They have also issued reminders regarding high occurrence of petty crimes in major cities. UK citizens must be very careful when walking or traveling around major tourist spots and to be very mindful of their valuables. They should also be wary of accepting food or drinks from strangers since there have been reported cases of tourists being drugged and then assaulted or robbed after. There are also reported cases of tourists being victims of scam artists pretending to be representatives of “Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs”.

Travelers must also be wary of counterfeit Euro currency. There are also numerous peddlers of counterfeit items and products, and purchasing from them could result in heavy fines and possible arrest from the Italian police. Tourists are also expected to respect and observe proper behavior especially around churches and public historical landmarks. They are discouraged from eating, drinking, littering and sitting on the steps or courtyards of these places.

A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is highly recommended for UK passport holders who are traveling outside of the United Kingdom. This will give them the benefits of emergency medical treatment that Italians would normally receive. Italy also has incidences of people with HIV/AIDS and travelers are advised to practice appropriate safety measures so as not to get infected.

For more information and updates on traveling to Italy, The Italian Embassy in London is open to the public to address any inquiries or questions.

The Embassy of Italy in London

14, Three Kings Yard
United Kingdom
Telephone: (020) 7312-2200
Fax: (020) 7312-2230

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