Visa Requirements for UK Passport Holders – Liberia (Republic of Liberia)

All travelers are required to have a visa when going to the Republic of Liberia. The only people exempted from this are citizens of member countries and states of ECOWAS or the Economic Community of West African States.

A UK passport holder will need to get a visa before traveling to Liberia. Also required are a passport that will be valid during their stay in Liberia and a certificate for yellow fever vaccination. UK passport holders can apply for a Liberian visa at the Consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of Liberia in London. Applications can be done from Monday to Thursday, 10:30AM to 3:00PM.

The British government strictly advises its people to coordinate with competent organizations for their security and safety needs while in Liberia before they travel there. There are many safety risks and instances of vicious attacks and criminal activities. UK passport holders are also reminded not to go to places outside of Monrovia or to go around the capital at night. They should also carry with them their passport and any identification that has a photo all the time during their stay in Liberia.

Visa application requirements

  1. Fully accomplished visa application form
  2. UK passport with validity of at least six months or more than intended stay in Liberia
  3. Passport-sized photographs (2 pcs)
  4. Letter with details of trip and purpose of travel to Liberia
  5. Proof of means of subsistence in Liberia
  6. Yellow book or certificate of yellow fever vaccination
  7. Paid visa application fee:
    1. Single Entry (3 months) – £60.00
    2. Multiple Entry (6 months) – £120.00
    3. Multiple Entry (12 months) – £240.00

Important Reminders

  • Visa processing takes seven working days if applicant has submitted complete requirements.
  • A same day visa service is possible for an additional fee of 1/3 the amount required for the type of visa applied for.
    • Single Entry – £20.00
    • Multiple Entry (6 months) – £40.00
    • Multiple Entry (12 months) – £80.00
  • Visitors who will stay in Liberia for a long time are required to register with the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization which can be found at Broad Street in Monrovia.
  • All travelers leaving Liberia will have to pay a US$40.00 departure tax. This can only be paid in cash at the exact amount.
  • For visa applications and inquiries about travel to Liberia:

    Embassy of the Republic of Liberia

    23 Fitzroy Square
    London W1T 6EW
    Telephone: (020) 7388-5489
    Fax: (020) 7380-1593

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