Visa Requirements for UK Passport Holders – Marshall Islands (Republic of Marshall Islands)

The Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) is a very young country, having gained independence only in 1986. It is a part of the Micronesian islands that can be found near the equator at the Pacific Ocean. Its nearest neighbors are Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines. The Marshall Islands has been occupied by many countries, among them the British, Germans, Russians, Japanese and Americans. Because of this, the culture of the capital, Majuro Atoll, is very western. Life in the islands is still very relaxed and laid back. The Marshall Islands is frequented by tourists who are avid divers. The RMI has 29 atolls and 5 islands, and many coral reefs which attracts many divers. Many of them also go to sites of sunken World War 2 war ships. One of the atolls, the Kwajalein Atoll, is still being used by the US military for missile and armaments testing.

UK passport holders do not need visas when going to the Marshall Islands as long as their passports have a validity of not less than six months and they will only stay there for not more than 30 days. If they want to stay longer, they can apply for another 30 days with the Marshall Islands Visitors Authority (MIVA) and pay a fee of US$10.00. They can ask for an extension of their stay two times which lets them stay for a total of 90 days in the Marshall Islands. If they will most likely need more than 30 days for their trip, UK passport holders should coordinate well ahead of their trip with the MIVA since the granting of extensions usually takes time to organize. They should also document their travel with the British Embassy in the Philippines, which is the nearest embassy and handles consular matters for UK passport holders in the Marshall Islands.

The British government highly advises UK passport holders to get insurance with health and travel coverage before traveling to the Marshall Islands. Since there are also cases of tuberculosis in the RMI, travelers are also advised to get vaccinations before their intended travel. They should also bring Mosquito repellents and lotions since there are cases of Dengue in the islands.

So far, there have been no incidents where UK passport holders in the Marshall Islands needed assistance from the British government. If ever the need arises, the British Embassy in the Philippines will handle the Consular needs of UK passport holders. They can also get in touch with the Honorary Consular Agent of the UK in the RMI, Mr. Ian Pickering.

Marshall Islands Visitors Authority (MIVA)

PO Box 5, MH96960
Majuro, RMI
Telephone: (+692) 625-6482
Fax: (+692) 625-6771

British Embassy in Manila

120 Upper McKinley Road
McKinley Hill
Taguig City 1634
Telephone: (+632) 858-2200
Fax: (+632) 858-2313 (Information) / 858-2342 (Consular)

Mr. Ian Pickering

Honorary Consular Agent in the RMI
(+692) 625-3828
(+692) 625-7093
(+692) 625-7092

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