Visa Requirements for UK Passport Holders – Zimbabwe (Republic of Zimbabwe)

A visa is required for British citizens to be allowed entry into Zimbabwe. British citizens can obtain visas from the Zimbabwean Embassy in London or upon arrival in Zimbabwe. Currently, British citizens are charged £35.00 (approximately US$50.00) for a single entry visit visa, and are granted permission to stay for a maximum of 90 days. However, it is strongly advised that travelers check the authorized length of stay given at the port of entry. It is possible to obtain an extension.

It is illegal to work in Zimbabwe without the appropriate visa or work permit. Journalists are discouraged from traveling to Zimbabwe without securing the proper accreditation through the Zimbabwean Embassy in advance of planned travel. Those caught engaging in journalistic activities without the proper accreditation face arrest, detention, heavy fines and deportation.

When traveling to Zimbabwe, British citizens need passports with validity of at least 6 months exceeding that of their duration of stay, and at least 3 blank pages. When transiting South Africa, British travelers are reminded that 2 additional blank pages on their passports are required.

British citizens are strongly advised to contact the Zimbabwean Embassy in London to confirm visa requirements, as these are subject to be changed at any time.

Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe House
429 Strand
United Kingdom
Telephone: (020) 7836-7755
Fax: (020) 7379-1167

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