Visa Requirements for US Passport Holders – Albania (Republic of Albania)

There are no visa requirements for US Passport holders entering Albania (Republic of Albania), whether as a tourist or for business purposes. There is, however, Albanian law that allows the collection of entry tax charge for an entry stamp from the point of entry. The maximum amount to be collected is 10 Euros. There are some entry points, though, that do not collect any entry tax charge. A valid passport for at least 6 months is a requirement.

Traveling to and staying at Albania without a visa is permitted for up to 90 days only within a 180-day period. All you need to present is your valid passport. There are some immigration officers that also ask that you present your tourist or business travel document. Make sure that you have it on hand. If you plan to stay for more than 90 days, you’re required to apply for a Residency Permit at the nearest police station near the vicinity of where you are staying. Check out the Visit the Embassy of Albania website for more information about Residency Permit application.

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