Visa Requirements for US Passport Holders – Azerbaijan (Republic of Azerbaijan)

US Passport Holders need a valid passport and visa when traveling to Azerbaijan (Republic of Azerbaijan). You can get a single-entry visa, by mail or in person, either from the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Washington, DC or any other Azerbaijan Embassy or consulate. Be sure that you get your visa before you travel since you cannot get a visa at the airport. Azerbaijan visa holders, who are foreign nationals, are permitted to stay in the country up to 30 days. Those who wish to stay longer are required to register at the local police station upon arrival or within three days. Registration fee is about USD12.

Requirements for Visa application

  1. An Invitation: an invitation letter must accompany Visa requests or applications from the receiving party (whether for tourism, study or business) in Azerbaijan. The letter should bear confirmation from the Consular Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan located at #4 Shikhali Gurbanov St., Baku AZ 1009. Contact Number: +99450 7600663
  2. Duly Accomplished Visa Form: Application forms are available through the embassy website It can also be faxed upon request. It is imperative to answer all questions on both sides of the application form in ink print.
  3. Original passport or any other travel document.
  4. Passport size pictures (2 pcs)

Visa types and fees

  • Transit single-entry: 3 days; USD 20
  • Transit double entry: 3 days; USD 40
  • Single-entry visa: 30 days; USD 131
  • Double-entry visa: 90 days; USD 131
  • One year, multiple visa entry: USD 250

*All documents must be sent to Embassy of Azebaijan (Attn: Consular Section), 2741 34th Street NW, Washington, DC 20008

*US company checks and money orders are accepted. Payment should be made to the order of Embassy of Azerbaijan.

*For those who wish to obtain visa by mail, please provide a postage paid return envelope.

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