Visa Requirements for US Passport Holders – Barbados

Many tourists visit Barbados because of its exceptional beaches and rich culture. It is also known as the Little England of the Caribbean and locals of the island preserve a lot of traditional customs and characteristics from the British. Although this is true, people are generally relaxed and casual like most cultures in the Caribbean.

US citizens can go and stay in Barbados as tourists without the need for a visa for as long as 90 days. All they need are a valid US passport, return tickets to the US and proof of financial means. If they would want to extend their stay, they would need to ask for an extension or get visitor visa from the Immigration Department of Barbados. Individuals who are travelling on business or on diplomatic or official duties will also need to get a business or diplomatic visa. People who are also planning to study in Barbados are also required to obtain a student visa. Individuals who do not have the required visa or permits while staying in Barbados can face heavy fines and penalties.

General visa application requirements

  1. Fully completed visa application form (1 copy)
  2. US passport with six months validity (at least 2 blank pages)
  3. Copy of Green Card (for US resident aliens)
  4. Passport sized photographs (2 copies)
  5. Trip itinerary and/or return tickets
  6. Proof of adequate financial means
  7. For business visa:
    1. Letter of invitation from Barbados host company
    2. Official business letter from company (with letterhead) with details of purpose and length of visit
  8. For diplomatic or official visa:
    1. Fully completed visa application form (2 copies)
    2. Official letter from US Government Department or Agency with details:
      1. Applicant’s name
      2. Date and purpose of travel
  9. For student visa:
    1. Fully completed student visa application form ( H1 and H2, noted by school principal)
    2. Passport sized photographs (4 copies)
    3. If parents are living and working in Barbados: valid work permits

Important Reminders

  • Visa application fees:
    • Tourist visa: US$25.00 (single entry), US$30.00 multiple entries
    • Business visa: US$25.00 (single entry), US$30.00 multiple entries
    • Diplomatic/Official visa: free
    • Student visa: US$50.00
  • Visa processing may take anywhere from two weeks for tourist and business visa, and four to six weeks for student visas.
  • Visa applications may be done personally, or for further inquiries, at the Embassy of Barbados and Consular Offices in the United States in the following locations:

    Embassy of Barbados in Washington

    2144 Wyoming Avenue N.W.
    D.C. 20008, Washington
    Telephone:(202) 939-9200 / 939-9201 / 939-9202
    Fax:(202) 332-7467

    Consulate of Barbados in Los Angeles

    3440 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1207
    90010 Los Angeles
    Telephone:(213) 380-2198

    Consulate General of Barbados in Miami

    150 Alhambra Circle, Suite 1000
    33134 Coral Gables
    TelePhone: (305) 442-1994
    Fax:(305) 567-2844

    Consulate General of Barbados in New York

    800 Second Avenue, 2nd. Floor
    10017 New York
    New York
    Telephone: (212) 867-8435
    Fax: (212) 986-1030

  • For individuals who are already in Barbados and would want to extend their stay, applications for extensions can be done at The Immigration Department Offices of Barbados in::

    The Careenage House

    Wharf Road, Bridgetown, Barbados.
    Telephone: (246) 426-1011
    Fax:(246) 426-0819

    The Grantley Adams International Airport

    Christ Church, Barbados
    Telephone: (246) 418-4180
    Fax: (246) 420-7180

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