Visa Requirements for US Passport Holders – Liberia (Republic of Liberia)

Every country has specific requirements for travelers before they can be allowed to enter and stay in their territory for a given time. In order for US passport holders to gain permission to enter the Republic of Liberia, they should have obtained a Liberian visa beforehand. They will not be allowed to enter Liberia and will be sent back to the US if they are without a visa upon arrival. US passport holders can apply for a visa by mail at the Embassy of Liberia in Washington DC as long as they have a valid US passport and the required documents.

US passport holders are advised to ensure that they have confirmed transportation arrangements, hotel reservations or accommodations, and security arrangements, if possible, with reputable organizations. They are also warned not to go around at night, and to be very vigilant. Liberia has a very high crime rate due to poverty and the Liberia National Police may not be able to provide assistance when needed. For updates or inquiries, interested individuals may get in touch with the Liberian Embassy in Washington DC.

Visa Application Requirements:

  1. Valid US passport
  2. Passport-sized photographs (2 pcs, white background)
  3. Visa application form (Fully completed and signed,
  4. Yellow Book (immunization certificate for yellow fever)
  5. Prepaid self addressed envelope (FedEx, UPS, USPS Express Mail)
  6. Paid visa application fees: (non-refundable)
    1. Standard 5 business day processing – 1-3 months US$131.00, 1 year Multiple entry US$200.00, 2 year Multiple entry US$300.00, 3 year Multiple entry US$400.00
    2. Expedited Overnight processing – 1-3 months US$181.00, 1 year Multiple entry US$250.00, 2 year Multiple entry US$350.00, 3 year Multiple entry US$450.00
    3. Rush same day processing (walk in applications) – 1-3 months US$206.00, 1 year Multiple entry US$275.00, 2 year Multiple entry US$375.00, 3 year Multiple entry US$475.00

Important reminders:

  • Visa applications can be submitted by mail or in person for rush applications to:

    Embassy of The Republic of Liberia in Washington DC

    5201, 16th Street NW
    Washington, D.C. 20011
    Telephone: (202) 723-0437
    Fax (202) 723-0436

  • All visa applications should come with complete documents and requirements.
  • An approved visa may not guarantee a traveler entry into Liberia.
  • All fees can only be paid by bank draft, cashier check or money order in US dollars. These should be made payable to the Embassy of Gambia.
  • There is a US$25.00 airport tax collected from travelers leaving Liberia.
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