Visa Requirements for US Passport Holders – Tunisia (Tunisian Republic)

US citizens are not required to obtain visas in order to travel to Tunisia and stay for 4 months. They will only need their valid US passports for short-term visits, as well as proof of purpose of visit, and tickets for onward or return travel. Additionally, those arriving in Tunisia from countries where yellow fever is endemic will have to present proof of vaccination against the disease.

US passport holders who are arriving in Tunisia with the intention of staying for more than 4 months must obtain a residence permit from the central police station of the district of temporary residence in Tunisia.

The entry and visa requirements to Tunisia are subject to change without prior notice. Travelers from the US are advised to obtain the most current information in advance of departure.

Tunisia Embassy
1515 Massachusetts Avenue
Washington, DC
Telephone: 202-862-1850
Fax: 202-862-1858

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