Visa Requirements for US Passport Holders – Yemen (Republic of Yemen)

US citizens are required to obtain visas prior to traveling to Yemen, whether the trip is for tourism or business purposes. Currently, the Embassy of Yemen is not issuing tourism visas and it is yet undetermined when this type of visa will be issued again.

General Requirements:

  1. Fully accomplished and duly signed visa application form (may be downloaded in PDF or JPEG format).
  2. Original US passport with validity exceeding that of the duration of stay in Yemen by 6 months.
  3. 2 recent colored passport size photographs.
  4. Doctor’s letter confirming the absence of any contagious or communicable diseases.
  5. For business visa: Letter from employer in Yemen.
  6. For student visa: Letter of acceptance from the institution in Yemen. The letter must provide details of the type duration of study to be undertaken.
  7. For applicants below the age of 18: Approval from both parents must be provided in a letter signed and observed by the Notary Public.
  8. For applications sent by mail: Prepaid, self-addressed Express Mail return envelope. FedEx, DHL, UPS & Priority Mail are not accepted.
  9. Visa fees.

Please note:

  • The minimum visa processing time is 2 weeks.

Visa Processing Fees:

The visa fees are to be paid by money order made payable to the “Embassy of Yemen”.

  • Single entry (valid for 3 months): US$27.00
  • Multiple entry (valid for 6 months): US$62.00
  • For expedited visa processing: additional US$30.00

Immigration laws are strictly enforced. Those found to be overstaying the validity of their visa risk facing arrest and detention. Travelers are forewarned that the US Embassy is notified of a US citizen’s arrest only after several days of their detention. Upon release, offenders are required to pay the US$1.50/day in overstay fines.

All foreigners are required to obtain exit visas before they depart the country. The following special circumstances necessitate obtaining exit visas from the Immigration and Passport Authority:

  • Foreigners who have overstayed their visa’s validity
  • US citizen children with Yemeni or American-Yemeni parents who are not exiting Yemen with them
  • Foreigners who have lost their passport containing their Yemeni entry visa
  • Foreign residents whose residence visas are based on employment or study in Yemen, marriage to a Yemeni citizen, or relationship to a Yemeni parent
  • Foreign residents who have pending legal action (including court-based “holds” on family members’ travel)

However, visitors exiting Yemen with valid, non-expired visas and none of the circumstances mentioned above, exit visas can be obtained from the port of departure.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. All US passport holders are advised to obtain the latest visa, entry and exit requirements for Yemen before traveling.

Embassy of the Republic of Yemen
2319 Wyoming Avenue, NW
Washington, DC
Telephone: (202) 965-4760
Fax: (202) 337-2017
Email: /

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