Visa Requirements for US Passport Holders – Bangladesh (People’s Republic of Bangladesh)

Tourist and Business Visa

A valid passport, a return ticket, and your visa are all that is required when you travel to Bangladesh.

Visa On Arrival/ Landing Permit

While it is helpful to know that the United States is eligible for visitor visas on arrival or landing permits, the Department of Consular Affairs advises that a visa be acquired before traveling.  Their policies regarding visa on arrival is not widely publicized, and may cause significant delays at the airport, if suddenly refused entry to the country.  Likewise, make sure that you have a valid passport together with your valid visa.  If your passport is expired, then you must acquire a new passport and a new visa along with it.

This visa on arrival is applicable for those traveling for specific purposes such as official business, trade, potential investors, tourists, and members of defense and security forces. Tourist or business travelers who land at Dhaka, Zia, and Patenga International Airports may be granted this landing permit for a maximum of a 30-day stay in Bangladesh, single entry only.

A multiple entry visa is required if you will use Dhaka as a hub in order to visit other places within Bangladesh.

Visa Categories and Processing Time

There are three categories for the visas for both tourists and businessmen:  single entry, double entry, and multiple entry.  For US passport holders, a fee of 113 USD will be charged for each of these categories.  Single entry category is valid for three months; double entry is valid for six months, while multiple entry is valid for twelve months.  Upon entering Bangladesh, you have a maximum of two months stay in the country.  Please note that fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Express processing is possible and this would take you about three to four days.  The common lead-time is about a week (seven days).

Dual Citizens

For the Bangladeshi-American citizens, and immediate family members, they are eligible for the “No Visa Required” seal, which they can acquire from the Bangladeshi Consulate or Embassy.  This seal allows for multiple entries into Bangladesh, without restrictions on the duration of your stay in the country.  Just make sure that your visa is also valid upon entry.  Expired passports will not be honored.

Business Trips and Employment

For those who intend to work for a non-governmental organization, they must make sure to inform you on what type of visa you would need prior to entering Bangladesh.  It would be difficult to change your immigration status while in the country.  Others who plan to work in Bangladesh must also have the proper clearance, and work permits, prior to arrival.

Fees, Charges, and Penalties

Overstaying is strictly prohibited and violators may face charges.  For those who entered via the visitor visa landing pass, a fine is applicable per day of overstaying beyond the 15 days allowed: 200 takas per day up to 15 days, and 500 takas per day exceeding 15 days.

A departure tax is applicable, and is almost always included in the price of the ticket.  If not, it may be paid at the airport at the time of departure.

More Information

For any other enquiries, you may contact the Embassy of Bangladesh (Washington, DC) through this number:

202-244-0183 ext 320/ 307

You may also view the Department of Immigration and Passports of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh:

United States Department of State: Bureau of Consular Affairs

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