All countries have specific requirements for persons intending to visit their territories for purposes of tourism, business, employment, education or who plan to reside for extended periods. A majority of governments require foreigners to present valid passports from their country of citizenship as proof of identity and nationality. However, passports alone will not entitle the bearer entry into another country.

A visa is a document, or more commonly, a stamp in the passport proving that a person has requested and has been granted authorization for entry into another country for which it has been issued. Visas are, however, still subject to the permission of an immigration officer at the port of entry. Being in possession of a visa is not a guarantee that the bearer will be allowed to enter the country that granted it. Normally, there are various conditions set with the visa that is granted, such as validity period, allowable length of stay, the number of times a visitor may use the visa within a pre-determined number of years, etc.

If you are a US, UK, Canadian or Philippine passport holder, you will find useful visa information for your destination country by utilizing our dropdown menu. Be advised that the information provided here is subject to change without prior notice, as independent territories reserve the right to amend their policies. The onus is on the traveler to always obtain the most current visa, entry and exit requirements and the application processes by contacting the embassy or consular office for their destination nearest them.

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